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Packaging Equipment Technical Services Firm

High Performance Packaging Group, located in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs, is the used packaging equipment industry’s leader in shop floor performance improvement on all VFFS and HFFS form, fill and seal packaging equipment.

Operating as independent used VFFS and HFFS packaging equipment experts, we give you the advice, training and troubleshooting you need, regardless of the manufacturer of your existing equipment or packaging materials.

A Leader in Performance Improvement Solutions

High Performance Packaging Group is led by packaging expert Ron Crews. Ron has 25 years of production floor experience in the food manufacturing and packaging area. He is the developer and author of HPP’s PEAK℠ performance program, implemented at packaging facilities across America.

Unsurpassed Technical Service

At High Performance Packaging, we have the right expertise to fine tune your packaging equipment. Our technicians have years of working knowledge on a wide variety of used packaging equipment, so we can always help you in a pinch if you have an emergency on your hands, troubleshooting any equipment issues. Our technicians can handle most major repairs and can even rebuild your machines if necessary.

Our packaging equipment company is commonly recognized by our customers for our effective training programs. Our on-site training is a part of our routine consulting practice; our mission is to make sure that your shop floor crew can maintain the performance levels that we achieve for you while we’re on-site, whether you’re starting from scratch or integrating used packaging machinery with your existing equipment.

PEAK℠ Performance Customers Typically Achieve Productivity Improvement of 50% or Greater!

We work side by side with operations managers, engineering, production personnel, machine operators, and maintenance mechanics.

We care only about getting your lines up and running to PEAK℠ performance levels. We do it all, whether your issues involve technical services, forming tubes, seal bars, packaging film or more. We don’t carry anything we don’t have real expertise in, so whether you need—from used Bartelt equipment to used Combi Scales—we can give your crew the training it needs to make the most of all your machinery.

While we make sure you can maintain PEAK℠ performance levels, you can expect the following:

  • After assessing your existing equipment and applications, we stand beside you testing and evaluating.
  • Once we’re satisfied with the initial performance, we fine-tune the used packaging equipment to achieve the highest, sustainable performance levels possible.
  • All along the way, we inform and train your operators and maintenance staff on how to sustain the new productivity gains. 

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