Line Start-ups

We don’t just refurbish and sell top-quality used packaging machines at HP Packaging—we want to see you succeed with them. That’s why we provide a full range of packaging line installation services, streamlining the process of implementing a new packaging line and all manner of used packaging equipment.

The Risks of Packaging Line Installation and Used Packaging Equipment Start-Ups

We can be there when you’re ready to commission a new line or start-up a new product along with your used packaging equipment. Historically, line and new product start-ups can take an extended period of time due to unforeseen application constraints, required redesign and improvement of assemblies, improper film structures, performance problems, and inadequate packaging equipment training of operators and technicians. As pressures mount on the shop floor, frustration and exhaustion set in with the fear that the project could fail to meet cost, profit and performance objectives.

HP Packaging Equipment Training and Installation Services

At HP Packaging, when our clients commission a line, we like to work as an integral member of the shop floor team, applying our technical skills and vast experience with used packaging equipment to ensure that the new line is up and running in record time. HP Packaging will also optimize the line to PEAK℠performance levels and will train your personnel so that they can continue to operate any used packaging machines and other equipment at maximum efficiency. With our installation services and packaging equipment training, your line and your staff will be ready for production faster than ever.

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