American Can Company

American Can Company (aka CanCo) was a renowned manufacturer of tin cans, tin packages, and various other tin containers in the United States. Incorporated in New York City in 1901, it was one of the leaders in the container industry, and a prominent member of the Tin Can Trust.

In 1986, Triangle Industries acquired American Can Company’s packaging division. A year later, CanCo shifted its focus to the financial industry, changing its name to Primerica. They become a financial conglomerate that offers insurance, investment, and financial services to the US and Canadian middle-income families. Before Pechiney SA acquired Triangle Industries in 1988, American Can was the largest can company in the US.

As such, it used top-notch equipment to manufacture its products. That equipment is still available to any business operating in the container industry.

At High-Performance Packaging, we offer a wide range of used American Can Company equipment that works just like it did when the container industry giant was still in business. We have everything you need to start making high-quality tin cans, containers, and packages from can seamers and can seals to vacuum canners and can closing machines.

We offer various models with different motor horsepower, production output rate, can diameter specifications, and other features.

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent used American Can Company equipment or sell CanCo machines that you no longer need, HP Packaging is here for you.

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