Butler Automation

Butler Automatic, Inc. was founded by Richard A. Butler, Jr in 1956. The company’s founder was an inventor and manufacturer of zero-speed splicing technology and web splicing equipment. The production and use of these tools transformed reliability and performance across various markets and industries.

Today, Butler Automatic, Inc. is a leading multinational company counting more than 17,000 units installed worldwide. Manufacturers at Butler continue to move boundaries for reliability, quality, and customer support.

Equipment produced by Butler has countless different applications – packaging, printing, over-wrapping, sleeving, thermo-forming, converting, and many others. Companies can use these tools and technologies to produce the largest variety of products, including flexible pouches, stand-up pouches, paper bags, film bags, disposable diapers, wallpaper, envelopes, business forms, fiberglass insulation, and corrugated cardboard, among many others.

Currently, the company’s headquarters are located in Middleborough, Massachusetts, USA, around 30 miles south of Boston. That is where most of the manufacturing operations happen, and the facility uses state-of-the-art production tools and processes. The additional office in Geneva, Switzerland, is a European sales and support center that brings all Butler Automatic, Inc. products to the European market.

Thanks to the quality and engineering innovations related to the packaging industry, Butler Automatic achieved the ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Due to the efficiency and output of their products, they often turn profitable in under a year.


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