Used Kamflex Equipment

The Kamflex Corporation is one of the leaders in the production of high-quality conveyor products and processing equipment commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Founded in 1974, the company continues to be recognized across the United States as a leading manufacturer of equipment and conveyors required for handling food products, including poultry, meat, dairy, seafood, frozen foods, cereals, bakery, confectionery, snack foods, and beverages, as well as pharmaceutical products such as personal hygiene products and medicine.

Kamflex Corporation is known to focus exclusively on the use of stainless steel for its products. With the strict use of stainless steel, their products easily comply with all manufacturing practices and sanitary regulations. Their conveyors are USDA-accepted.

The stainless steel sanitary designs increase equipment’s life expectancy, lower maintenance costs, and minimize the risk of product contamination. By creating the most sanitary conveyors and equipment solutions, Kamflex’s products are used by different companies around the entire world.

By purchasing refurbished Kamflex conveyors and other pieces of stainless steel equipment from HP Packaging Group, you’re guaranteed to receive several benefits, including:

  • reduced investment price,
  • efficient product handling,
  • lower operating costs, and
  • better output.


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Showing all 4 results