Smalley Manufacturing

Smalley Manufacturing is a respected manufacturer of custom sanitary conveyors and conveying systems. Founded in 1940, with the main manufacturing facility located in Knoxville, Tennessee, it’s one of the leading manufacturers of robust and highly-durable feeding, elevating, and conveying machinery in the material handling industry.

Its successful journey began when Alfred E. Smalley, Sr., invented the automatic nut-shelling machine back in 1930. After patenting the machine, he incorporated the company, which soon became the leader in automating the process of shelling and picking edible nuts.

A couple of decades later, the company started designing and developing innovative conveyor equipment for the packaging industry. It went on to patent some of the most state-of-the-art conveying equipment in the world that numerous businesses in the food industry use to this day.

If high sanitation standards with maximum accessibility are your top priority as a food manufacturer, you can’t go wrong with custom-designed Smalley Manufacturing conveying systems.

At High-Performance Packaging, we offer an array of high-quality Smalley Manufacturing equipment for all your packaging needs. From auto-glide stainless-steel vibratory conveyors to cleated incline conveyors and conveyor frames, you can find anything you need right here.

Our extensive product selection includes many different models in varying sizes. Although they have different belt dimensions, in-feed, and discharge heights, motor horsepower, and other necessary features, each comes with a durable stainless-steel construction.

If you would like to schedule an on-site inspection to evaluate the equipment before buying or renting, feel free to contact us anytime. We can help you choose the right conveying system for your needs to ensure your daily operations run smoothly.

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