Used Blister Clamshell and Skin Packaging

Blister clamshell and skin packaging equipment utilizes preformed plastic blisters and heat-seals along with plastic, paperboard, or foil backing. Items are typically first placed into the blisters and then the heat-sealing process takes place, followed by the application of backing. Heat is used to fuse the two layers of material in blister packages, which are often used to package cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Clamshell packages are formed when single layers of blister packaging include a hinge that allows consumers to fold the packaging over. Products such as electronics and cosmetics are frequently packaged using clamshell packaging.

Skin packaging involves placing items on cardboard backing with a thin film covering it. The film is vacuum-sealed over the product and backing, and the resulting package is similar to a blister package without a pre-formed cavity that can hold the product. Hardware products are frequently used with skin packaging.

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Showing all 3 results