Ilapak Carrera 500M Flow Wrapper

Used 1999 Ilapak Carrera 500M Flow Wrapper for sale!!! This Ilapak 500 M flow wrapper is an awesome machine. As you can see…the electrical cabinet is in immaculate condition. It has a 30 foot infeed section for loading multiple items at a very high rate of speed. If you need to run and run fast this is the machine for you. It also includes tilt tray loading stations. All you need is the platic trays and you are up and running. This is a contract packers dream machine!!!! The serial number is 99058. Packagin length range is 50mm – 450mm. Package width range is 20mm-230mm. Package height is up to 90mm. This machine can run up to 100CPM with the single jaw configuration.

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