Loma Systems IQ2 Metal Detector

This used Loma Systems IQ2 metal detector is a stainless
steel wash down model that comes with a retracting conveyor. The aperture size
for this model is 24 1/2 W and 5 H. It also comes with the conveyor
frame, retracting conveyor assembly and a catch bin for rejects. Use it for any
USDA packaging line operation. For more details and a free quote for this metal
detector or other products, contact High Performance Packaging.
In addition to selling new and used packaging machinery, we
also purchase operational used equipment from packaging facilities that no
longer need them. By circulating used equipment, we help reduce the costs of purchasing
new equipment. Less manufacturing also means the use of fewer resources,
resulting in reduced manufacturing costs.
Do you want to make your packaging line run at optimum
efficiency? We also provide training services for packaging line equipment
operators, helping ensure your staff understand how to properly manage all of
the machinery in your facility. Your lines won’t suffer from low productivity
if your employees work as well as your machines.

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