Masipack Ultra VS-300 Bagging Machine with MXCP 20/4 SS Scale

Looking for the perfect vertical form, fill and seal packaging machine for your production line? Consider this used Masipack Ultra VS-300 bagging machine. The features of this bagger include:
Allen Bradley PLC Micrologix and Allen-Bradley panel view touch-screen PV700
Up to 10 different jobs can be stored in the software.
Bag width from 50 mm up to 300 mm (2- 12).
Bag length from 100 mm up to 480 mm (4 18 ¾).
Bag film pull belt system driven by two independent AC motors controlled by an AC motor drive.
Horizontal sealing jaw driven by servomotor.
Vertical sealing jaw driven by pneumatic system.
Temperature of sealing jaws controlled by Allen-Bradley PLC.
Film supply driven automatically by powered rollers, no spindle allows for quick changeover. A floating pendulum and 4 sensors maintain consistent film travel reducing the wear on the pull belts.
Maximum film width of 630 mm (24 ¾) and maximum roll diameter of 450mm (17 ¾).
End of film sensor, automatically stops machine when film ends.
Automatic film alignment.
Registration sensor.
Zigzag style knife.
Electrical and mechanical panel with easy access.
Pneumatic System FESTO
All parts in contact with product made of stainless steel.
Carbon steel structure.
Color: Titanium (gray). Electrostatic powder paint.
Door sensors. Stops the machine when doors open.
This model comes with an MXCP20/4 SS scale for mixing, which features:
Pneumatic driven buckets for IP65.
Independent vibrating channels.
Auto-tare in all heads to correct any deviation during production.
Minimum weight of 10 grams and maximum weight of 2000 grams.
Intervals between bucket discharge that’s programmable via touch screen control panel.
Allen-Bradley panel view touch screen – not IP-65
Masipack control
Up to 40 different jobs can be stored in the software.
Scale prepared for 4 mixing products
Stainless steel construction
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