Matrix Packaging Machinery Series 2000 Washdown Machine

This used Matrix Series 2000 bagger is the ideal stainless
steel washdown machine for packaging lines. This model is equipped with
registration, motorized unwind and automatic film tracking adjustment. This
packaging machine also comes with true impulse style seal bars for polyethylene
film structures. It also has a 16 vertical seal bar and 14-wide horizontal
seal bars. This machine is in excellent condition and ready to run immediately.
For more information about this model, including specifications and pricing,
contact us today via phone or online and well provide a free quote for this
and other products.
Like all of our other used packaging machines, this machine is in good working
condition. If you have any machines you would no longer like to use in
your packaging line, we will buy it from you and fully restore it for years of
additional use. This serves to eliminate the unnecessary expenses associated
with manufacturing and selling new equipment.
With any newly purchased equipment, packaging line operators
may not be entirely familiar with the machinery, which is why we offer training
services to keep your packaging line operating at maximum efficiency.

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