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How to Find the Best Used VFFS Machine for Your Project

Whether you’ve been using packaging machinery for a long time already but have plans to start producing a new product, or you’re just getting started and need to plan out the best and most efficient packaging line for your business, it’s always best to discuss the different options with machinery suppliers. Some business owners will opt to purchase the fewest amount of machines, intending to use them for all of their products. While this works, it’s not necessarily as efficient a process as it could be.  Instead, think about purchasing machines that will get your jobs done faster, even if that means purchasing more overall. Having the ability to get things packages more quickly may help in the long run, especially if you end up needing to ramp up production.

If Possible, Don’t Use Just One Machine


Instead of trying to only get one machine to do all of the jobs you need, perhaps consider purchasing used packaging machinery so that you can expand your packaging line without going over your budget. Many first time buyers will choose the machine that works best for their largest bag, which makes sense—buy one machine, and it can handle both the largest bag as well as all of the smaller bags. However, doing this may end up not being the best idea, since while it will be efficient at filling the wider bags, large machines don’t perform as well when filling smaller bags. Also, bigger machines tend to be more expensive. Instead, choose a machine based on the width of the size you most often use. That way, you’ll be able to get the most bang for your buck, and you can always add additional machines later on.

Get Advice from Manufacturers and Suppliers

If you aren’t entirely certain which machines would be best for your production line, or most adaptable to different products, you can always ask machinery suppliers. Ultimately, manufacturers and sellers want you to be satisfied with a purchase, and should be willing to help you find the machine that will most benefit your business. It never hurts to ask the sellers what their recommendations are in terms of which machine will best match up with your current product line as well as, if possible, any future plans for other products you intend to need packaging machinery for.  They’ll be able to point you in the right direction.


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