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Packaging Equipment Training Programs

maintenance-on-used-machinesPackaging machinery is complicated—there’s no way around that. Purchasing new machinery has the potential to slow down your production, particularly if your employees are not well versed in how to use it. Training can take some time, but if you don’t know how to train the employees on the new machinery, you may be stuck. Thankfully, when you purchase used packaging equipment from High Performance Packaging, you get the additional benefit of our training programs.

Helpful, Time-Saving Programs

At High Performance Packaging, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service we can, and that includes offering used packaging equipment training courses. That means that in addition to simply selling the machinery like other suppliers, we also understand how all of the machines work and can help our customers learn how to use them efficiently. We offer programs for on-site training which help your machine operators and other personnel learn how to maintain, operate, and troubleshoot used packaging equipment. Some of the machinery we offer training for includes:

  • Combination weighers
  • Tray packing
  • Blister packing
  • Auger filling & liquid filling equipment
  • Cartoners
  • Depalletizers and palletizers
  • Vertical and Horizontal FFS

Learning how to use and troubleshoot equipment can not only decrease the downtime between implementing new equipment, but can also shorten the time spent on maintenance or repairs. If your staff has a firm grasp of how to use and maintain the machinery on your line, they will be able to quickly identify issues that arise.

Why Buy Used Packaging Equipment?

If you’ve been looking to add machinery to your packaging line, purchasing used equipment is a savvy, beneficial way of doing so. Not only are you able to add efficiency by way of having more machinery in your setup, but also you can save money by purchasing used or refurbished machines. At High Performance Packaging, we offer our clients a wide range of refurbished machines that are repaired and brought to industry standards, so even though you’re saving a lot of money, you’re still getting the high quality, reliable machines you need. When you need to increase production or replace machines, consider buying used from HP Packaging, where you’ll get the added bonus of available training programs.


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