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High Performance Packaging’s PEAK Program

“Capture the PEAK” is our saying for ensuring overall equipment effectiveness over time. We partner with every customer we have to ensure our equipment delivers high quality yields with fewer issues over time. Your OEE line improvement metrics of availability, performance, and quality will increase when you work through our PEAK program.

PEAK stands for Packaging Excellence Achievement Know-how to provide you with the up-to-date knowledge and skill set your company needs to get the most out of your packaging equipment training. Whether you’re a machine operator or maintenance personnel, this customized packaging equipment training program is worth its salt.

PEAK Program Steps

The program features three steps to increase ROI (return on investment) in a measurable way. We can accomplish this by working with you to develop strategies to reduce downtime due to equipment failures and malfunctions, cost overruns, and inefficiencies.

Step 1 We work with you to evaluate the total packaging operation. We assess everything from your personnel, product, equipment and current processes. In this initial step, we take the time to recognize shortcomings and do some brainstorming to get to the root of your productivity problems.

Step 2 We help you prepare for the implementation of new strategies for performance enhancement. Our job is to help you find solutions by improving packaging efficiency, product quality, and asset utilization, and teaching shop floor staff necessary skills.

Step 3 At this point, we work with you to implement the changes discussed in the first two steps and measure the performance against baseline numbers. Any extra optimizations that need to be tweaked will be addressed before we leave.

The program may take a few weeks or a few months to complete, depending on your company’s size. We work alongside you every step of the way to ensure quality, skills, and standards are being met to improve your OEE metrics in a measurable way.

After the Program

Upon completion of the PEAK program, High Performance Packaging will continue to work with your company to provide the necessary ongoing training and preventative maintenance for your personnel and equipment. We will cycle through the PEAK process as needed in the future to provide continual optimization and help you buy used packaging machines in the future as your company grows.


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