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Finding the Right Packaging Material for Your Product

Outsourcing your packaging material provider and used packaging equipment company may cause finger pointing if there is a problem on the line. To eliminate that problem and create a more streamlined experience for clients, High Performance Packaging provides packaging materials and used equipment for food and non-food packaging clients. We have a long history of finding the right kind of material to work well with many brands of machinery, and can help you find the right solution for your product.

Whether you need to package coffee, snacks, meat, pet food, soap, or another product, we offer support, products and used equipment to improve your return on investment with every order.

Packaging Materials

Think about these packaging material considerations the next time you have a product going to market:

  1. Review regulations. Depending on where your product will be marketed, you may need to check on the regulations of selling in different states and countries. You may need to package your product in a different way to account for different placement regions or have multiple packaging materials to cover regulation needs.
  1. Consider transportation. However you decide to package your product, it will need to withstand travel. Make sure your packaging material will protect your product from the environment, physical handling, and re-handling. Shrink wrapping pallets is a advisable option to reduce damage to goods in transit.
  1. Think about the product. Food may have refrigeration needs or need to be at room temperature and away from extreme heat to remain viable. Pharmaceuticals may also require special packaging. Think about all of the environmental factors that might affect the quality of your product. If it is sensitive to light, you may need a packaging material that is opaque rather than translucent.
  1. Consider the design. Having a design that is classic and evergreen will save you money in the long run. Reusable and recyclable packaging is even better, as it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.
  1. Prevent diversion. Diversion is when a product ends up in an unauthorized store. Implementing bar codes and tracking devices into your packaging design can help your company keep track of your products as they reach the market.

Contact High Performance Packaging today for more information about the packaging materials we provide and our solutions for your used packaging equipment needs.


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