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Purchasing Used Bilwinco Packaging Equipment

Along with many other trusted brands in the packaging industry, High Performance Packaging carries used Bilwinco packaging equipment. Bilwinco is known for its reliability in manufacturing top-tier packaging machinery, including multihead scales and stainless steel scale fillers that appear in our inventory. Their equipment is mainly used to package wet, dry and frozen foods. You can easily combine Bilwinco equipment with others to form complete packaging systems in your production lines, maximizing efficiency.

Use Bilwinco Machines for Many Different Products

Bilwinco’s versatility makes their equipment ideal for a wide variety of food products. As a market leader in the packaging industry since 1955, the Denmark-based manufacturer has provided high-quality packaging for wet, dry and frozen food items such as:

  • Finger foods
  • Ready meals
  • Poultry
  • Red meat
  • Seafood
  • Fresh produce
  • Dairy
  • Confections
  • Pasta noodles
  • Pet food
  • Grains
  • Cookies

There are many other types of foods that can benefit from packaging through Bilwinco machines. Some of the equipment in their extensive product line include transport and feeding equipment, multihead weighers, touch screen controls, filling and distribution machines, tray dispensing systems, and mobile units. They support various types of packages such as plastic bulk boxes, clamshell containers, cartons, buckets, and plastic bags.

Each Bilwinco machine can improve overall efficiency in product lines, combining seamlessly with other equipment to form the perfect custom packaging system.

Why Buy Used Bilwinco Packaging Equipment Vs. New Models?

Many people might think it’s ideal to stick with buying new packaging machinery, but if you turn to the right company, you can buy used machinery that is just as functional and efficient as newer models. Bilwinco’s manufacturing capabilities help ensure that packaging machines are useful for many years, and companies can save money by purchasing used models that are still in working condition.

Apart from the reduced costs associated with purchasing packaging machines, some companies like High Performance Packaging offer a suite of other services to enhance production lines. Some of the other services that you can get along with the equipment itself include operator training, troubleshooting, line start-ups, preventative maintenance programs, and OEE programs. Each service can help your production line maintain optimal efficiency while avoiding breakdowns and subsequent downtime.

Buy Used Bilwinco Machines at High Performance Packaging

Because of Bilwinco’s reputation in the packaging industry, High Performance Packaging resells this equipment in addition to many other reputable packaging equipment brands. We carry BW128W multihead scales, stainless steel scale fillers, and other types of equipment in their product line to bring high-quality equipment to your facility. You can purchase these along with other top brands in our inventory to form a production line that gives you the results you expect. Our technical services can also help you effectively maintain your equipment at all times.

If you want more information about used Bilwinco packaging equipment, you can contact High Performance Packaging at any time. We will also provide a quote for Bilwinco machines and any others that we currently carry upon request.

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