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Finding the Right Used Cereal Packaging Machinery

Like other dry foods, cereal requires top-quality packaging equipment that can properly handle and package it while maintaining efficiency throughout the packaging process. To meet the needs of various types of cereal products, there are several types of packaging machines you should install in your facility. High Performance Packaging carries used packaging machines intended for this application, with some of the most reliable brands appearing in our inventory.

In-Line Multihead Weighers

One of the common types of cereal packaging equipment is a multihead weigher. With the right model installed in your facility, your production line will benefit from additional accuracy in when weighing product packaging. Whether you require weighing at higher or lower speeds, High Performance Packaging carries top multihead weigher brands, including Ishida, Combi, and Yamato.


For larger applications, integrating a system of multiple multihead weighers with other cereal packaging machines–including VFFS baggers–can maximize efficiency.

VFFS Bagging Equipment

Another type of machinery cereal packaging lines often utilize is a VFFS bagger. With trusted brands such as Hayssen and Ilapak integrated in your production line, your facility can experience consistent quality in the bagging process, with options for low- to high-speed production lines.


Used VFFS bagging machinery available at High Performance Packaging is compatible with other types of equipment we carry, giving you the ability to form a complete, long-lasting packaging assembly.

Vacuum Sealing Machinery

To prevent cereal from going stale in its packaging, an effective vacuum sealer is needed to remove air from cereal bags. Along with weighers, VFFS baggers, and other types of dry food packaging machines, we carry used vacuum sealers from top brands such as MTC and Ultravac.

Benefits of Used Cereal Packaging Equipment

When looking for top-quality cereal packaging machinery, buyers may look for new models because of their perceived better quality. However, used cereal packaging machines from the right reseller can give your production line the efficiency and speed that it needs at lower costs. Companies like High Performance Packaging will ensure that your packaging assembly avoids breakdowns and potentially costly downtime, with high-quality equipment and additional services.

Each piece of equipment in our inventory is assured to be in working condition. Our experts closely inspect and test machinery to make sure you receive equipment that can provide years of service. To help further avoid technical issues, we offer a selection of services to supplement your purchase. Our services include operator training, preventative maintenance scheduling, performance improvement, and line start-ups to keep your production line in prime condition.

For additional technical information about our cereal packaging machinery along with a free quote for any of our products, contact us today. We also carry a wide range of equipment for other applications, with a selection of conveyors, fillers, inspection machines, and more. We can help you combine multiple pieces of equipment to form a cohesive assembly that keeps your packaging facility efficient and inexpensive.

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