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Used Shrink Wrapping & Bundling Equipment

Shrink wrapping equipment is used across a variety of industries. Shrink wrapping is an efficient way to package and secure numerous products. It can be used as primary or tertiary packaging and is a sufficient way to keep products safe and secure.

Although extremely necessary for various industries, shrink bundlers can run on the more expensive side. At High Performance Packaging we provide high-quality, industry-leading used shrink bundlers and shrink wrapping equipment for an array of verticals at reasonable prices.

When you choose to partner with High Performance Packaging Group, you’re guaranteed peak performance equipment with every purchase.

Why Choose Pre-Owned Shrink Wrapping Equipment?

Brand new shrink wrapping equipment can cost you a hefty sum. Brand new equipment can sometimes cost you nearly $6,000. On the other hand, you can opt for pre-owned shrink wrapping equipment.

With used shrink equipment, you can save significantly while never sacrificing quality. At High Performance Packaging, we connect you to a large selection of high-quality used shrink wrappers that have been thoroughly inspected for proper functionality.  With used equipment, you’ll save plenty of money to spend elsewhere in your business. 

Popular Used Shrink Bundler Equipment Manufacturers

The shrink wrapping equipment industry is filled with endless brands that provide companies with an efficient means of performance. At High Performance Packaging, we connect you to this endless network of industry-leading shrink equipment manufacturers. A few of the industry-leading manufacturers we deliver to you are:

  • Clamco
  • Conflex Shanklin
  • Seal Heat
  • Preferred Packaging
  • Seal-A-Tron
  • Arpac
  • And more

Common Uses of Pre-Owned Shrinking Equipment

Used shrink bundling equipment has uses across endless verticals. It’s commonly used to bundle together a selection of packages. On the other hand, shrink wrapping can be used to package together cans and other items.

Shrink wrapping is a sustainable and sufficient packaging solution for an assortment of products.

Finding Reliable Used Shrink Bundling Equipment

When searching for reliable used shrink wrapping equipment, there are a few things to look for. Since this equipment has been in prior-use, you’ll need to inspect it before purchase for functionality. If you partner with a trusted used equipment provider like High Performance Packaging, your used equipment will be inspected thoroughly beforehand.

A promising sign is a comprehensive warranty. Always seek out used equipment that comes with an extensive warranty to guarantee the equipment will last. Some vendors also provide installation which can save your company time and money.

Why Choose High Performance Packaging Group for Your Shrink Equipment Needs?

High Performance Packaging is your premier source for used shrink bundling and wrapping equipment. We carry an array of industry-leading specialized shrink wrapping equipment perfect for endless verticals.

On top of our extensive variety, we deliver high-quality and thoroughly inspected used equipment. Our team of experts inspects every element of our equipment to ensure peak performance and proper functionality. We also offer installation, start-up assistance, comprehensive on-site operation training, ongoing technical support, and professional troubleshooting.

Transform your operation’s efficiency with High Performance Packaging today!

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