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HFFS or VFFS Equipment? What Should You Use?

In the packaging industry, two types of form fill and seal machines are popular and widely used: the horizontal form fill and seal machine (HFFS), and the vertical form fill (VFFS) and seal machine. As you can imagine, their most striking difference is how the products these machines package are dispensed. But beyond the basic structure of the machines, there are a few differences that define the machines and make one or the other a better choice for every company out there, and even every product out there.

With these differences in mind, you can find the perfect machinery to use in your production lines. Whether you need HFFS or VFFS equipment, we can provide you with reliable used packaging machines, including used horizontal and vertical form fill and seal equipment. We’ll help you determine which type of equipment is more ideal for your systems, giving you everything you need. Here we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the right machine.

Products Being Packaged

Before considering a VFFS or HFFS packaging machine, you should first determine which type of product you’re packaging.

The key difference in which machine a company will choose mainly settles on what types of products will be packaged. While horizontal filling machines will best suit products that are solid and easily contained and handled—think things like standalone products such as small toys, candy bars, etc.—vertical filling machines are better for products that are loose, granulated, doughy, or difficult to handle manually. VFFS machines are better suited for things like sugar, liquids, and chips. depending on the type of product a company is trying to package, one of these machines will typically make more sense.

Once you understand which category your product belongs in, you can then begin to decide on which equipment is ideal. However, there is one other main factor that can influence your buying decision when searching for the perfect packaging equipment for your production line.

Industries Using Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machines and VFFS Equipment

As mentioned, the type of product being packaged will typically dictate what machine a company will use. Many food industry applications will be better off using vertical form filling and sealing machines, while HFFS machines are a little more versatile. HFFS machines can package some food items, but have a vast potential for being used to package items from other industries. Vertical FFS machines can be used for a number of things such as fast-food restaurant ketchup packets, gumballs, and more, but the loading mechanisms are not usually ideal for heavier single items. In that case, a conveyer belt will better handle the product.

Get a Reliable HFFS or VFFS Packaging Machine Today

The machine that’s ultimately best for you is dependent on what industry you’re in and, perhaps more so, what product you are trying to package. We carry many used horizontal form fill and seal machines that are ideal for a wide range of industries and products, giving your facility what it needs for a successful packaging line. You can request a quote for one of our used VFFS or HFFS machines from us at any time, and browse our full inventory here on our website. We carry many of the top brands available, including Proto-Pak, Altamat, Bosch, Bossar, HMC, and KHS Bartelt.

In addition to used HFFS and VFFS machinery, you’ll find wide range of other used packaging equipment available at High Performance Packaging. We carry used applicators, blenders, case packers, case sealers, conveyors, and much more for a variety of applications. We can help you find what you need, and our packaging machines are among the most reliable available.

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