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Why Are Combination Weighers So Useful?

In the world of packaging, optimal efficiency is the number one goal for many companies. For that reason, it’s not surprising that there are solutions available that are continually helping these businesses churn out more product in less time. Combination weighers are one of those such machines. Companies like Yamato, Ishida, Combi, and Bilwinco all offer up their versions of the combination weigher, and with choices from those manufacturers and more, combination weighers are one of those most popular and most useful pieces of packaging equipment around. Why are they so popular and useful?

Quickly and Easily Package Goods

First and foremost, combination weighers give companies a solution for packaging small products quickly and easily. And because this type of machine weighs the product as it fills a package, the end product is uniform in weight, which saves time from having to manually make sure that each package contains the same amount of product. Further, these weighers can be used on a wide variety of products, and there are certain models that can be used with more fragile products that require a delicate hand when being packaged.

Mixing and Blending Without Mess

Perhaps more importantly, combination weighers are great for companies who package products that can either be combined for a mix or left singular for a one-note package. For example, things like a bag of assorted jelly beans can be quickly put together with a combination weigher since the fill spout can pull from all fill tubes to create an even mix. However, since those jelly beans are stored in separate fill tubes, a company can create custom blends or even just put one type of candy in each bag.

The reason combination weighers are such a popular packaging machine is because they’re useful and versatile. They offer companies an efficient, fast way to get their product from the factory into a package and on their way to a shelf.


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