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Benefits of Buying Rebuilt Packaging Machinery & Equipment

When shopping for new packaging equipment for a new or existing production line, consider purchasing rebuilt packaging machinery and equipment to meet your needs. There are benefits that come with rebuilt equipment that can offer your business a great return on your capital investment.

But first…

What Is Rebuilt Packaging Machinery?

Rebuilt packaging machinery is packaging equipment that has been reconstructed for full functionality. With high-quality rebuilt equipment, including VFFS and HFFS machinery and more, you can complete your packaging systems without the need for new equipment.

Benefits of Rebuilt Packaging Machinery & Equipment

1. Reduced Costs

One of the benefits of getting rebuilt packaging equipment for your production line is lower costs. You won’t need to spend as much on rebuilt machinery as you would on new machinery from the manufacturer. This is particularly ideal if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a packaging system for a new business.

Even if your business is well-established and you can afford new equipment, you can still benefit from the same improved productivity and longevity that you would get with new machinery when you install rebuilt systems.

2. Reliable Equipment

If you purchase rebuilt packaging machinery from a trusted company, you won’t need to worry about compromising quality for reduced costs. A reliable reseller will make sure all rebuilt equipment is fully functional and ready for installation before selling it. Rebuilt equipment is heavily tested to ensure optimal working conditions – just like you’d expect from a new piece of equipment.

Where to Buy Rebuilt Packaging Machinery

There are many resellers that carry rebuilt packaging equipment. The key to finding the right one is making sure you find a company that you can trust to provide you with top-quality machinery for your application. You shouldn’t settle for equipment that will leave your system vulnerable to shutdowns and downtime simply because it costs less than a newer system.

What to Look for When Shopping for Rebuilt Packaging Equipment

If you’re trying to find the right rebuilt packaging machines for your production lines, there are certain aspects to consider, including:

1. Rebuilt Packaging Equipment from Top Manufacturers

Although you won’t buy rebuilt machinery from the manufacturers, it’s important to get equipment originally built by manufacturers that are known for their quality. The best resellers will rebuild equipment from brands that are trusted in the industry for consistent quality of construction, which will help ensure that they last once rebuilt.

Brands such as Hayssen, Ishida, Matrix, Yamato, Ilapak, Deamco, and Loma equipment will remain reliable when rebuilt using durable materials. Make sure the reseller you purchase your equipment from advertises equipment from these and other reputable manufacturers.

2. Additional Services

To help you get the most from your rebuilt packaging machinery, a dependable reseller will also provide services to supplement your purchases. Services that can maximize your equipment’s longevity and maximize productivity across your entire production line can include installation services, troubleshooting, operator training, preventative maintenance programs, OEE programs, line start-ups, and performance improvement.

Ultimately, rebuilt packaging equipment can give you what you need to complete your systems without going over budget or putting your systems at risk of costly inefficiencies and breakdowns.

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