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7 Factors to Consider When Buying Used Packaging Equipment

Packaging machinery is a significant financial investment. However, if you are expanding your business or want to replace some of the equipment on your current production line for an upgraded product, the cost is well worth it.

When it comes to buying packaging equipment, there are a lot of pre-owned models available for purchase. For businesses just getting started or for anyone looking for a deal, used packaging equipment may be the best option.

It can be difficult to wade through the abundance of used packaging machinery being sold by manufacturers, auctioneers, and individual sellers. How can you tell if a used packaging machine is going to work? Where can you get support if something goes wrong? That’s why we recommend working with an established used packaging equipment seller like HP Packaging, where we have the right expertise to help you find the best machine for your business.

Why Buy Used Packaging Machines?

Buying used packaging equipment has several benefits. The first, of course, is cost. Used machines usually have a more attractive price than new machines; the cost difference can be significant. You also avoid the depreciation in value that new machines experience the moment they are removed from the lot.

Another major advantage is delivery time. Instead of ordering a new packaging machine and waiting for it to be available, you can select the used packaging machine of your choice and have it delivered quickly—no waiting time.

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Used Packaging Equipment

As you research packaging machine sellers and see what equipment each has to offer, keep these questions in mind.

1. What Is the Performance History of the Packaging Machine?

Used packaging equipment comes with documentation outlining its performance history. These service records should contain everything from the manufacturer year and origin to how many hours it has logged. Details contained in this report can reveal a lot of information about what level of wear and tear you can expect from the used machine.

You should also consider what purpose the machine previously served. While models are standard, individual units have likely been customized for unique plant environments. Those upgrades may be beneficial to your production line or may not fit your needs at all. And, while retrofitting is possible, it may be easier to find a machine that already works for your business instead.

2. What Is the Current Condition of the Packaging Machine?

Photos, videos, and other documentation are a good way to gauge the current condition of the packaging machine. Whenever possible, see the equipment in person before you buy it to make sure it is functioning properly. Additionally, an experienced technician can help you determine if the packaging machine is operating as claimed.

3. Is the Packaging Machine Compatible with Your Production Line?

Any used packaging machine you purchase needs to be compatible with your existing production line (if you have one). You don’t want to buy a machine that’s too fast, too slow, or too big—any of which will reduce efficiency. Calculate how many units of product you currently want to package every day and how quickly you need the process to run; adding some room for growth, you can then decide what model is best for you.

4. What Training Is Required Before Your Staff Can Operate the Packaging Machine?

All types of packaging machinery require some amount of staff training to operate and maintain; even automatic machines need to be installed, supervised, and repaired. Your employees need to know how to handle the used packaging machine you want to buy, and if they don’t already have experience in that area, you will need dedicate time and resources to train and education your staff.

5. What Is Your Budget?

As with any purchase, your budget determines your options. While used packaging machinery is more budget-friendly than new equipment, you should still establish a financial plan and determine how much money you can allocate toward the purchase.

6. How Much Will the Packaging Machine Cost to Operate and Maintain?

The cost of packaging equipment goes beyond the price tag. How much will it cost to operate and maintain? Will the increased efficiency of your packaging line make the financial investment and any additional costs worthwhile? Consider all your options.

7. Is the Packaging Machine Sold by a Trusted Seller?

Working with a trusted supplier of used packaging machinery means you will have a better chance of getting expert support, extensive documentation, and high-quality equipment. Your best bet is to find a local packaging equipment manufacturer so you can easily get help with any repairs or replacement parts needed in the future.

Buy and Sell Used Packaging Machinery and Equipment at HP Packaging

At HP Packaging, we sell used packaging machinery and equipment for a wide variety of industries. Our top-notch used packaging products have been repaired, refurbished, or reconditioned by the highly trained experts on our team and are ready to contribute to your production line.

As a leader in the used packaging equipment industry, we are proud to offer used packaging machines in a wide variety of categories, types, and styles. Whether you want to replace a machine on your production floor or expand your current production capabilities, HP Packaging can help you find the best used packaging machine for your business.

View our used packaging products or contact us today to learn more about your options for buying used packaging equipment.

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