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How to Prepare for Packaging Machine Installation

Once you’ve purchased a used or new packaging machine, the next step is to prepare your facility for it.

Installing packaging machinery involves many different moving pieces, from scheduling delivery with the equipment vendor to training your employees to operate the new machine. This guide is designed to help you navigate this process so you can start using your equipment sooner rather than later.

Prepare Your Facility for Packaging Machine Installation

Ensure the packaging machine installation process runs smoothly by following these tips.

1.Communicate with Key Personnel

Machine installation may impact production levels for a day or two. Ensure key personnel know when to expect the machine to be delivered and installed so they can prepare for delays, communicate with staff, and keep track of deadlines.

2.Schedule On-Site Safety Training

Each packaging machine has its own safety precautions and requirements. All personnel who might be working with the new equipment in the future need to attend on-site safety training to prepare for its operation.

3.Evaluate and Secure Required Utilities

Your new packaging equipment may require certain utilities. Before installation, figure out what power sources and utilities it needs to operate and confirm that all the essential electrical, compressed air, lighting, communication cables, and other utilities are in place.

4.Clear a Path for Delivery

When your packaging machine is delivered, you need to move it from the unloading dock to its installation location. Clear a path for delivery, checking for roadblocks, tight corners, or narrow corridors that may make transporting the machine difficult.

Additionally, make sure you have transport vehicles and their operators available to move the machine. Depending on the size and weight of the equipment, you may need a forklift or crane.

Finally, some of your existing equipment may need to be moved so there is enough space to install the new machine.

5.Prepare for Downtime

During the machine installation process, other equipment in your facility may need to be shut down temporarily—especially if your new packaging machine will be integrated into an existing line. You may need to ramp up production beforehand so you have enough extra products or packages to compensate.

6.Get Ready for a Test Run

Once the packaging machine is installed and ready to run, you will need to conduct a test run to make sure it works correctly. Prepare all upstream and downstream equipment as well as test product and packaging to get ready for this essential step.

Get Machine Installation Help from an Experienced Packaging Equipment Partner

Installing a used or new packaging machine into your existing production line can be a complicated process. Our advice is to work with an experienced packaging equipment partner who can help you at every stage—from purchasing and installing the machinery to training your staff and optimizing your production line.

At HP Packaging, we don’t just buy and sell used packaging machines; we are also committed to seeing you use them to improve your production and packaging capacity.

If you need installation assistance, we are happy to provide a full range of packaging line installation services. Our mechanics have the deep technical knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your new machine is installed correctly and your production line is working faster than ever.

To make sure your packaging machine is installed correctly and operating at peak performance levels, partner with the experts at HP Packaging.

Buy and Install High-Quality Packaging Machines and Equipment at HP Packaging

We sell packaging machinery and equipment for a wide variety of industries. Our top-notch used packaging products have been repaired, refurbished, or reconditioned by the highly trained experts on our team and are ready to contribute to your production line.

As a leader in the used packaging equipment industry, HP Packaging is proud to offer packaging machines in a wide variety of categories, types, and styles. Whether you want to replace a machine on your production floor or expand your current production capabilities, HP Packaging can help you find the best packaging machine for your business.

View our used packaging products or contact us today to learn more about your options for buying packaging equipment.

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