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Types of Bag Sealers: A Comprehensive Guide

Shipping and packaging companies use bags or pouches to contain products, and these bags must be sealed to protect their contents. To ensure products are professionally sealed, many production lines install machinery or equipment designed to seal material using heat.

If you are interested in expanding your line of packaging machinery to improve sealing efficiency, consider purchasing a new or used bag sealer.

What Are Bag Sealers?

Bag sealers, also known as heat sealers, are machines used to close and secure the open end of bags or pouches to keep the products contained in the bags safe from outside forces. They heat the seal of the bag until the material is fused together, creating a strong bond.

Based on the type of bag sealer, this equipment can enclose materials such as paper, plastic, aluminum, and cellophane.

Types of Bag Sealers

There are many types of bag sealers, and different materials and products require various versions, features, or models. The four main categories are impulse heat sealers, direct heat sealers, vacuum sealers, and band sealers.

Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse heat sealers operate by applying a short burst of heat generated by an electrical impulse to seal bags. This type of sealer is ideal for thermoplastic materials like polyethylene or polypropylene, which require lower temperatures to seal. Impulse sealers are a popular, versatile, and economically friendly choice for many packaging lines.

Direct Heat Sealers

Direct heat, also called constant heat sealers, produce constant heat, allowing them to penetrate and seal thicker or blended materials. These sealers can handle bags made from aluminum, waxed paper, gusset, and cellophane, among other materials.

Vacuum Sealers

Commonly used in food packaging, vacuum sealers are designed to extend the shelf life of products by removing air from the bag before sealing. These machines use a vacuum pump to eliminate air from the package and then seal it with heat. Vacuum sealers prevent oxidation, preserve freshness, and stop products from spoiling.

Band Sealers

Band sealers, or belt sealers, are ideal for high volume operations. They are designed to seal thermoplastic, foil, and gusseted bags by moving the bags on a conveyor belt through the sealer. Models of continuous bag sealers include machines with horizontal seal heads, vertical seal heads, and tilting seal heads.

How to Choose a Bag Sealer

The type of bag sealer that is right for your packaging operation depends on a variety of factors:

  • How many bags you need to seal
  • What material the bags are made from
  • How thick the materials are
  • How much heat the bags require to seal

Additionally, bag sealers are available in automatic and semi-automatic models. While semi-automatic sealers are more affordable, they require manual operation to feed bags into the machine. Automatic sealers operate fully autonomously and can seal and tuck bags without human intervention.

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