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Types of Can Seamers: How to Choose Can Seamers for Your Canning Operation

A variety of industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics, require production lines that efficiently seal and package products. An important piece of this operation is a can seaming machine, which is used to form a leak-proof seal and help keep products fresh.

Whether you are running a large, industrial production line or starting a small canning operation, choosing the right used can seamer for your products, materials, and industry is essential for creating an efficient process.

What Is a Can Seaming Machine?

Can seaming machines, also known as can seamers, are used to hermetically seal the lid of a can and its body together. These machines have one or more seaming heads that seam the components of the can together, resulting in a tamper-proof can that prevents leaks as well as product contamination.

These machines help streamline the packaging process, save on labor costs, increase production output, and improve efficiency.

Types of Can Seamers

There are many different types of can seamers that suit the needs of various products, materials, industries, and production lines. However, can seaming machines can be divided into two categories based on their automation level and whether their design includes a rotary element.

Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic

Fully automatic can seamers do not require operator intervention other than supplying can lids in bulk to the machine. Otherwise, the equipment seams the can lids to the container automatically. Thanks to their speed and efficiency, automatic can sealers are ideal for production lines with higher outputs.

Semi-automatic can seamers typically require an operator to initiate the seaming process for each cycle, usually by flipping a switch with a foot or finger. Since these machines seal one container at a time, they are popular for smaller operations.

Rotary vs. Non-Rotary

Rotary can seamers have up to 18 seam heads that revolve and seal the cans while the containers rotate on an axis. This type of can seamer is often automatic and commonly used for round cans.

Non-rotary can seamers do not have a revolving axis; instead, containers stay stationary throughout the seaming process, helping to avoid damage to the cans as well as preventing spilling. Often used for semi-automatic machines, non-rotary seamers are popular for containers with irregular shapes.

Selecting the Right Can Seamers: 9 Factors to Consider

Choosing a can seamer for your production line can be challenging because there are so many options. Consider these factors as you look for a machine that fits the unique needs of your canning operation.

1. Production Demand

Your production demand will determine the level of speed, output, and automation you will need from a can seaming machine. More automation and more heads generally leads to faster, more efficient output.

2. Type of Materials & Products

Can seamers are designed to seal cans made with specific materials and filled with certain products, so you should keep your product and container in mind as you purchase a can seamer. For example, round cans are well-suited to rotary can seamers while oval, rectangular, or oblong containers are usually closed on non-rotary machines.

3. Size & Space

The available space on your factory floor also makes a difference. Can seamers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts, so you should consider if the space you have will fit the size of any machine you consider purchasing.

4. Budget

For any major purchase, budget is a significant consideration. However, the last thing you want to do is compromise on quality—which can lead to expensive repairs, replacements, and even shutdowns in the long run.

Establish a budget for purchasing a new can seamer, and remember to factor in installation and maintenance costs as well. Additionally, consider purchasing a used can seamer as a more affordable and high-quality option compared to a new machine that will be more expensive and equally efficient.

5. Upgradability

Your canning operation may grow or change in the future, and you need a can seamer that can be adapted to your needs when the time comes. Look for a can seaming machine that can be upgraded to accommodate changes such as increased production requirements to help with future expansion.

6. Integration Ability

What other packaging machines are used in your canning operation? Consider whether the can seamer can integrate and work with the other equipment on your production line. For example, many automatic can seamers follow automatic fillers. Make sure your options have the ability to integrate with existing fillers.

7. Safety Features

Accidents are inevitable, even when everyone is following safety protocols. Look for can seamers that have safety features like emergency switches to promote a safe workspace for your employees.

8. Warranty

Find a can seamer that comes with a warranty so you know you will be compensated if issues occur. If you purchase a used can seamer that has been repaired, refurbished, or reconditioned, make sure its current warranty is still valid.

9. Manufacturer or Supplier

When choosing a can seamer for your production line, remember that the machine is only as good as the supplier or manufacturer you purchase it from. Find experienced specialists you can trust, ask for their impartial advice, and look into the training and maintenance options they provide for the future.

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